That's a great question.  We are still working out the details but we have thought long and hard about who or what to donate money to.  Its a hard choice with so many places to choose from but we kept going back to things that happened in our life and how people have helped us from friends, family, etc. We want to directly impact families, not donate to a specific organization where a large portion goes to staff or is just a drop in the bucket.  Though these type of organizations do a lot for a lot of people we want to put a face with our donation. Again, we are still working out the details but we are heavily leaning towards having people nominate a family with a child who is 18 or under that has cancer and tell us their story.  We will interview and choose our top 3-5 participants and POSSIBLY have our fans vote on the family or shoot, we might just choose a family ourselves.  The details are still getting worked out to make sure everything is covered. For the longest time we have felt God pull us in a direction of helping others and we are VERY excited to get started.
We started this clothing store because for one, we love fashion and clothes, and two we wanted to find a way to give back to those in need.  We have 3 babies of our own so we decided to narrow down our donation target to families that have children battling cancer.  A lot of publicity goes to adult cancers which is a great thing as we have had multiple adults in the family affected by cancer.  Of all people that get cancer, we had children getting cancer the most. Now to answer your question. For every item in our store that is not in the "Legging" category, we will donate $1 from each of those items purchased.  If you do buy a "Legging" product we will donate $5 for each pair we sell. For example if you guy 2 pair of leggings, we donate $10.  If you buy 2 t-shirts and a pair of leggings, we donate $7 and so on.
Our leggings are custom made with each order.  Our process to make leggings is through die sublimation, the process is:
  1. cut white legging fabric to your size
  2. print on a sheet of sublimation paper your design from Birdie and Pete
  3. place the fabric on the design and heat to allow the ink to fuse into the fabric
  4. once the fabric has been through design, it is sewed together to make your leggings.
We have renderings on each product but your design could fluctuate slightly from one pair of leggings to another, however, the images on the product you choose are a pretty good example of how they will turn out.
There are some reasons that item(s) could be sent back to us.

Wrong Address - If you provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned to our facility. You will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed an updated address with you.

Unclaimed - Shipments that go unclaimed are returned and you will be liable for the cost of a reshipment to yourself or your end customer.

You have 30 days to update your address or claim your items before they will be assumed abandoned and given to charity.

Sometimes you might need to return an item.  We understand.  Birdie and Pete spot checks all items for quality but sometimes it happens. First, we only accept returns if there is a quality issue in the printing or malfunction in the item and is subject to evaluation. Second, we do not except returns if you need another size item or if you have buyers remorse.  We dont do this because we dont keep stock of items or inventory in one particular style of item and print all items as an order is placed. To start the return process, please follow these steps
  1.  Email Birdie and Pete about the issue.  Be as descriptive as possible AND include photos of the issue.  ([email protected])
  2. We will respond to you on whether your issue qualifies for our return policy.
  3. If your issue does fall within our return policy we will email you with a mailing address to send back your item.
  4. Once we receive your item we will access the issue further and make final determination on how to proceed.  We will either reprint or refund your money.
Please read our return policy for more information
Sometimes it happens, we run out of a specific style/size due to demand.  We try our best to keep everything in stock but sometimes even our manufacturers run short.  If you order an item on backorder and your order gets processed it could take 2-4 weeks for us to get inventory back in and at that point the print process will resume. We do our best to keep our website inventory up to date with automation every 24 hours.  If your order is on backorder, we will notify you and we apologize for the inconvenience and will fill your order as soon as we can.
Our process is very automated with keeping inventory of the blank items we have and usually gets updated on a 24 hour basis.  However, if there are an influx of orders that completely uses up a style/size of shirt, your order may still be placed but then you would be on backorder.  From here you have 3 options, you can cancel your order, change your order or wait for us to replenish the style/size shirt you ordered and fill your order as usual. You will be notified if your item(s) is on backorder.
If you like Bride and Pete products, you are a brick and mortar store and want to sell our stuff you can contact us for more information at [email protected]  Be sure to give us as much detail as you can about your store and your needs and we will get back to you.  Soon we will have an online form for you to fill out but for right now email is the best route to contact us.
By printing items individually we are able to offer more variety of styles without large amounts of inventory of one style.  It can get really expensive to sit on a bunch of premade shirts and hope they sell.  By printing ad hoc, we are able to test different designs and continue expanding our apparel designs so you have more to choose from.
We order blank shirts from leading shirt manufacturers and keep plenty in stock.  These blanks could be from different places but are from trusted brands so we know you are getting the best quality shirts.  We have large quantities of blanks on hand which is the only things we keep in stock.  BUT we print all shirts right here in the USA, which is why our turnaround is quicker than most but we still print each shirt independently.
Once your order is confirmed, we will have your item(s) printed in 3-7 business days and depending on shipping, you will receive a tracking number and know exactly how long it will be before your item will make it to your door (depends on your location).  We say 3-7 business days to set realistic expectations but if things are slow in the shop, you could have a quicker turnaround.
If you order a product and soon realize you have buyers remorse or you chose the wrong size, you need to email ([email protected]) Birdie and Pete ASAP.  There is a small window of time where you need to email us to stop production of your item(s) and you will be able to get a full refund.  If you wait to long and your item has already been printed, we can't grant you a refund and your order will be shipped.  We are sorry about this because we custom print all items for you to keep a variety of items in stock and available in as many styles as possible.
We are sorry we can't exchange your item if you choose a wrong size.  REASON: Birdie and Pete has each order custom printed on demand, meaning once you place the order we begin work on printing your item(s) at the size you request. If you need another size, you will need to order your new size.